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Steps in Preparing for Your Annual Physicals


As per a research published in the American Journal of Medicine, insufficient annual physicals are a major source of medical errors and, in turn, negative health consequences. As such, the importance of such exams shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only can they detect problems before they become apparent, but they could also account for prompt intervention and hence more promising outcomes.

At Best Choice Wellness & Laboratory LLC, part of our commitment as a top provider of medical clinic services in Plantation, Florida, is to equip patients with the resources they need to maximize our services.

With that, here’s what you want to do in preparation for your physicals:

  • Write Down Questions
    By the time you arrive at the doctor’s office, it’s common to forget what you meant to ask them. It is, therefore, essential to put them in writing beforehand to ensure that you address all of your concerns.
  • Catalog Your Medical History
    It’s important to let your doctor know whether you have received any new diagnoses, obtained a flu vaccine, underwent surgery, or have any other recent health details.
  • Know Your Medications
    Even if it was a prescription from another provider or something you bought over the counter, your doctor has to be aware of what you take. You may either bring a list of your prescription medications, dietary supplements, and vitamins, or you can take pictures of the labels.

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