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What You Need to Know About Urinary Tract Infection


A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common type of infection that occurs in the urinary system. This may involve infection in the urethra, kidneys, or bladder. Although anyone can get a urinary tract infection, it is more common in women as the urethra in females is shorter and close to the anus.

Seniors are also at greater risk due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. Several medical conditions can be related to this, including a bladder prolapse or an enlarged prostate. Hence, annual physicals and regular checkups are essential.

UTI is caused by microorganisms, usually bacteria, that enter the bladder and urethra causing inflammation and infection. This can also travel up the ureters and infect the kidneys. This is why laboratory services are necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

The symptoms of a UTI include pain in the side, pelvic area, or abdomen and pressure in the lower pelvis. You may also need to urinate frequently and experience incontinence. Other symptoms include painful urination and an abnormal urine color or strong, foul-smelling urine.

If you experience the symptoms of a UTI, it’s important to seek treatment from your provider of medical & telehealth in Florida.

Your healthcare provider may perform other tests to check for other health problems that may contribute to your infection, such as diabetes.

Best Choice Wellness & Laboratory LLC is your go-to provider of medical clinic services in North Lauderdale, Florida. Acute illnesses like UTI can develop suddenly and require adequate medical attention. Hence, we offer treatment through mobile and telehealth services. Reach out to us to learn more.

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